The Ultimate DoFollow Blog List

I figured I had to go over the top with this one. Not quite sure if I have. You tell me.

I have been using Fast Blog Finder to find dofollow blog posts for me. It helps and then it doesn't. I don't spam. I like getting beneficial links back to my site. I use tools like this because they simplify the process. But sometimes the posts are a little bit old. And I am not quite sure of the etiquette involved. Is an older post OK to comment on? I could see refering to it from a blog post. But after a post has 20 comments, how much do you really add to the conversation if it has ended?

But I have used the software often enough to build a long list of dofollow blogs, 516 to be exact. There may be some doubles. And there may be some nofollow blogs that slipped through the cracks, but it's pretty clean.

I have seen the blog lists. Useful in some ways. I have seen the search engines. Useful but there is usually no way to favor more recent posts. I built a dofollow river of posts out of this list of feeds, but it's slow and incomplete. So I figured I'd give out the OPML file.

This is a file you should be able to import into any feed reader. If you can't, you need to find a better feed reader. I highly recommend NewsGator. To filter out just topics you want to comment on, use watches.

But I also did a quick install of the Optimal OPML browser plugin for Wordpress. The results of that are below. And if any of you happen to clean up the file of duplicates or add your own favorites, just pass the new file back to me and I'll put a new version up.

The OPML of KeywordLuv and CommentLuv Blogs

I haven't picked up the blogs who have installed these plugins in the last month or so, but here is what I have now: 562 feeds. Same disclaimer. There may be duplicates. Some blogs may have uninstalled the plugins. Etc.

Here is the file.

Update 3/25/2010

The opml files are still there. If you know how to use them go ahead. But blog comments based on dofollow should not be a priority in your link building any more. Rather make useful, meaty or controversial comments on high traffic blogs and use social media to drive traffic to those posts. In other words, contribute.

And then there is this:


Dofollow Spam Comments

Over 300,000 Dofollow Spam Comments On This Blog Alone

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A great list, personally I usually use the "dofollow diver" search engine to find most dofollow websites. I have found it to be well moderated due to its' recent popularity. If you happen to update this list regularly, feel free to toss me on there :)

Thanks for the list! There are some dofollow blog search engines which would help find relevant dofollow

I used Fast Blog Finder, mentioned in the post, over a period of time. Then I exported the urls.

wow nice list! This will be very useful for my new website. Thanks a lot man and hope you update this list regularly. By the way, where did you get them?

Thank's Stephan, this is realy good posting. Sorry my english is bad. I from Indonesia.

That is what I wanted.....Thanks!

I'd love to get in that list someday when Blogger allows comment Luv.. thanks for the list btw, it's real useful.

Thanks for telling me that. I thought so too. It works great for me that way but not many others seem to get the concept.

Large doesn't seem to do this list justice. I have bookmarked this page and will visit it often. My plan is to try to comment on 10 different blogs every month. This seems to support the "natural" link growth that Google claims they want.

Thanks for this work - there are a few lists of dofollow blogs appearing now and a few search engines, but it's really useful to get them in a feed reader format. I'm not sure if you've included my blog in your lists - I use keywordluv and commentluv too. I'll find out when feeddemon finishes subscribing to all the feeds...!! Cheers, Dan <em>personal development's last blog post..<a href='' rel="nofollow">Building Up Confidence After Absence From Work</a></em>

I will be sure to add your blog. :)

Lynne, I haven't really looked at specific categories yet. Sorry. :)

Great list. My blog also using dofollow now. Thanks for the list <em>Pandu - Blogging for Profit's last blog post..<a href='' rel="nofollow">Comment Kahuna Makes Your Task Easier</a></em>

Wow. That is a very comprehensive list. Thanks so much for compiling it. I don't suppose you could list them in descending order by page rank? Just kidding. Great work.

Good information......

Great list, very helpful. Just be sure you are leaving quality comments on other's blogs. I know I don't care if people comment simply for a link on my blog, as long as it is a quality response that shows you actually read the post and put some thought into it.

Hello...thanks for putting this list together. I was wondering if you happen to know any website design dofollow blogs? Thank you!

Thanks for the list... I have been trying to decide if I should make my blogs dofollow and I can see there are a bunch of big name blogs that already are..... I think it's something worth doing.

yehey.. finally found a very good list.. Hope I could use them all. Thanks!

sad thing is that fast blog finder doesnt support proxy server. but thanks for this list.

Great list of dofollow blogs. There are some dofollow blog search engines which would help find relevant dofollow blogs.

But the only reason I could think of that you would need a proxy for is to find an impossible amount of blogs to comment on, at least naturally.

that is an interesting concept and a great list. I use dofollow search engines now (just google for it). In that way I can always find articles that are relevant to the niche I want to promote.

Thanks for the list :)

You are welcome. And, just a note. The pagerank of the domain should indicate something about the potential pagerank of a post. Google can goes half a year without a pagerank update, so the only posts that may have pagerank already may be up to six months old. It's much better to stay with current posts and just gamble on the pagerank on a new post to come with time.

You have a very large list of dofollow blogs here, thank you for sharing your effort to pool this up and have it listed here for others to feast in like me

thanks for the thick lizt, you are the man !! two thumb up !!

Thanks for the quick resonse

Probably a lot of SEO type software will do this for you. The fastest I have seen is AllSubmitter. I have no idea why it seems 10 times faster than other software at doing it's job, but it's fast. That would work to get the Pagerank fo the domain.

Good list - most require moderation. It would be great if someone compiled a list of those that auto-approved!

our blog is dofollow and commentluv as well - feel free to add it. Granted our comment policy only allows names in the name field...

Great list man, thank you. I have on 300 long on Fast blog finder and this would be an excellent addition. The only thing is the lack of PR details. I wonder if there is any way to import this list to fast blog finder so we can categorize the blogs and posts based on Page rank and outbound links. any ideas?

A great list of websites, it should be quite beneficial in my new link building campaign which is heavily based in do follow blog commenting.

Will do, when I get to the update.

Thanks for this excellent list! I've been using blogfinder as well, and often find myself in the same old is too old to comment on something?

what a great resource ! thx dude <em>pass over's last blog post..<a href='' rel="nofollow">IBM Invests Nearly $400M on Cloud Computing</a></em>

I welcome any quality relevant comments. My blog is not only a DoFollow, I am also a <a href="" rel="nofollow">$0.02 Exchange blog</a>...meaning I will also comment back on your blog. Could I please be added to your list? Thanks!

Please could you add me to your list. Cheers <abbr><em>SolRekas last blog post..<a href="" rel="nofollow">Amazing Green Ad - Award winning clouds commercial</a></em></abbr>

Decent list of links, do you have any other good resources or directories?

Fantastic list of dofollow blogs, I've also just tried using G-lock Blog Finder and so far so good!

Thanks so much, this is a great list of blogs. <em>Adam's last blog post..<a href='' rel="nofollow">This Weeks Top 5 Links</a></em>

Hi Stephen Any chance of being added to your wonderful lists. I am a hardy advocate of the dofollow rule. I wrote a post in order to help spread the good word:- Regards <em>SolReka's last blog post..<a href='' rel="nofollow">9 Reasons Why the World Will End in Dec 21 2012. Part 1</a></em>

That's the problem with these lists. The guy's who create them never come back and update them. LOL. I know. Dofollow blogs don't stay that way for long sometimes.

Stephan, To be frank, this is the first list and the huge one that I have ever seen on dofollow blogs. Commenting on higher page rank blogs of dofollow will definitely leave a weight towards our blog page rank. I wish to have comments on all the blogs you gave, but it might take a week or two to post at least one comment on each blog. This is an amazing work and thanks to you, we all have benefited from this huge list. <em>Atniz's last blog post..<a href='' rel="nofollow">Tagging and Award Games Secret Unleashed</a></em>

Odd, but I checked a half dozen or so at random from this list, found their content interesting and even subscribed to a few, but every one of them had their comments closed for some reason. Do you know if this is a trend or did I just get unlucky? I'm going to keep checking the great list though. Thanks for it. Rich

I will be using it and cleaning as I go. I notice now that with some, I accidentally got the comment feed. And some were urls from a few months ago. They may have changed their dofollow status since. A lot of blogs go dofollow and then switch back.

great list, but some of the blogs i´ve tried out are already no-follow

I also had a massive list (2ksites or so) though what i found was instead of just hunting through each of the sites it was more effective in dumping the sites in a Custom Search Engine and then commenting on relevant sites for the niche as it had an added bonus of giving niche specific traffic. My cusotm SE is hiding here ( <em>Don's last blog post..<a href='' rel="nofollow">Buying any PayPal item for $0.01</a></em>

I use search tools too, but sometimes I don't come use with many recent posts. I put these feeds in an OPML file to create a river where the latest dofollow post is first. I don't have to click around, just scroll through the titles.

Feel free to add us to the list when you get a chance.. We proudly follow! <em>Zander Chance's last blog post..<a href='' rel="nofollow">Puppies More Popular Than John Chow</a></em>


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