Research Left Over From the Weekend

I was busy this weekend with projects but didn't quite get everything all finished. To clear off my web clipboard, I am putting them here for future reference for future posts. I drag them to the clipboard during the week and heavily overestimate the amount of time I have to go through them.

Now that I've finally settled on Google Reader as a feed reader, I wanted to see what it could do:

I had a few social network/blogging communities to check out:

I found another way hackers were getting into Wordpress and wanted to look into that:

I wanted to check prices out on a new home computer, but then I think we fixed the one we have. The cord from the switch to the board is loose causing it to lock up randomly. I have switched out video cards and power supplies and this 5 cent piece may have been the issue. Geek Squad each your heart out. It only took me a year to figure this out.

I am really interested in building a semi-contextual affiliate ad server using tags. I wanted to check this site out.

I have this link on my bookmark toolbar until I finish reading this whole post. It's a long one:

I also wanted to check these advertising sources:

And now that I have succeeded in emptying that. I bid you adieu. Hopefully everyone can find something useful.


haha, setting up "to-do" lists sounds familiar to me, whenever I am online, I have a notepad nearby, and more and more things are dotted down to look into .... the list keeps growing upto the point that I actually sit down quietly and only mark about 10% of the things I really think will help me improve and grown... the rest will be crossed off as "done" :D <em>Mirjam's last blog post..<a href='' rel="nofollow">Fed up with Scams</a></em>

Wow. That's a lot of work there. The list of social networking communities are enough to make me busy for the whole week. <em>kumo's last blog post..<a href='' rel="nofollow">22nd Name Your Post Simple and Straight to the point</a></em>

I know. I only regularly have time for two or three. I just wanted to check them out. You never know where one of your profiles may just come along for the ride as a site gets popular.

Hi, I'm horrified at the security issue. I was under the impression that if you had installed WordPress security updates you where safe from hackers. I like the idea of changing the permission but it becomes long and not practicle to do it from the c pannel...There is no other way to get your blog safe?

Who knows? I just fix what I can and make sure that backups are sent to me daily. It's about all I can do. You can't possibly prepare for everything.

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