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The other day I ran into a post over at DoshDosh about the Flagship Blog Project. It's quite a schedule. A new blog every 30 days. Ever since then I have been thinking I need a schedule like that. Something that will get me moving forward, definite deadlines for new blogs. But how am I going to come up with all that content. I haven't actually looked into hiring writers yet and I am sure it's not within my budget currently.

So how can I come up with the content? I have two blogs to keep up with now. What if I doubled that? Would I have the material in my head to write the articles? And what topics would I choose?

I will choose what I am learning. Whatever it is I am currently studying will be the subject matter for new blogs. Right now I am learning investing. I have to do something for the future. Put my money to work for me. Unfortunately, I only know a little about stocks. But I have a few audio books which I listen to on the way to work.

I am not really worrying about the competition for now. I know there is a lot. But I am killing two birds with one stone here. This will help me learn the subject matter, which I need to learn anyway. The blog itself can get traffic or not and I will still have reaped some benefits. The act of writing about the subject will help me learn faster. Whatever I read has a way of working its way into whatever I am writing anyway.

I am also going to break subjects off of this blog. With the release of my theme, I will be starting a new blog just on Wordpress. I will try to keep it strictly on the subject, because I think I can write enough content. Just designing this theme has given me boatloads of ideas for plugins and future themes.

So those are my ideas. Start new blogs on what you are learning. Break topics off of current blogs and create a new blog with that topic. We will see if it works. This blog with still be my focus and I will not steal time from writing here to write on my other blogs, but when the time gets freed up, I will schedule all in and see where I am sitting.




I am a little skeptical about that. If you start too many blogs it will be impossible to catch up with all! If you start a blog each time you study a new subject, when you finish that subject the respective blog will most likely "die". Out of my experience I would say that having too many irons into fire is not only time-consuming but also makes someone frustrated: I used to had too many blogs; one blog for each topic and then I realized that it was impossible to update them all. So, I just stick with one and drop the others. The range of topics is inevitably wider but this is not necessarily bad; all people have many aspects and many interests so there could be many subtopics within a broad-general topic. Anyway, if you have already decided to do so, I don’t want to deter you from doing it. However, I think you should: make a careful plan that will take into account regular posts in every blog you maintain, have a long-term vision and commitment and be consistent. Good luck with your plans!

I am not really suggesting to start a blog with each new subject you study. But with each new subject you study and continue to use. I have only been married with kids for three years. This added to my need to study list immensely. I could read books and let the information leave my mind just as quickly as it came in or I could write about it. Dealing with schools, investments, owning a home, and all the rest will not be stuff that I will just lose interest in. They are necessary info now. In college, you don't have only one class you have to write essays for either. I may just be a multitasker to the max though, considering I wrote this while I have a full time job and a family.

You're right. The best way to learn something is to write about it. You don't have to come up with 1 new blog every month, you can do with 2 every 6 months. Give them the proper attention like, SEO, design and content. It's better to have 2 or 3 blogs that generate some revenue than 6 or 7 that don't.

Yeah, the one month schedule is not going to work for me. 2 every six months is more like it. Plus I tend to add things to a blog that make people come back when posts aren't that frequent. This site still got traffic through dry spells because of my resource lists. I figure a blog can be more than a blog. Write your posts but add some things that make people want to come back for more. There are some sites I have had bookmarked for three years now because of some simple tool that saved me time. Other sites and downloadable software came along to compete with my bookmark, but I kept it because it worked. Most bloggers I run into seem to not think long term. Get the newest info the fastest and beat everyone else to it is their motto. I do my share of this, but I still like to add long term value.

This is a good goal to set, but make sure you are posting quality. The net is already full enough of empty landing pages made for search engines!

Blogging will let you know several things that you are no familiar. Learning how to blog correctly is important for people who are in online business.

When you write about something the ideas come to you even if you don't want

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with the housing market hopefully picking up maybe I can hire a brand new assistant and have time to maintain with my blog

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