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I think it is quite ironic that I am writing this post while trying to avoid writing a post. I know why I searched for the topic in Google and while I tell myself it's to increase the my writing output, I know for a fact that in order to increase, I just need to do it. Lately I have been testing out both Wikidpad and

The Journal. While I used to write more longhand, now I do most of it on the computer. I find it easier to find things I have written and actually put them to use. I can use search. I do like The Journal because it has a dated Journal function. I open to a new page every day and practice. It is the first thing I see when I turn on my laptop. So my method of teaching myself to write faster is by forcing practice. Each day I just start typing whatever is on my mind for at least 10 minutes. If I don't want to stop by then, I usually have a post or an article. Another way to write faster is by typing faster. A mind works much faster than fingers. And once you learn how to get out of your own way and start writing, increasing your typing speed by 100% will increase your output the same. Of course, there is always editing. But you will have more to edit faster. I have calculated it in my head. Writing at my average of 40 WPM will give me an article in about 15 minutes. If I increased that to 60 WPM, it would be done in 10. Not much of a change, but if you have a few blogs you want to write daily for, that's the difference between 4 and 6 posts in an hour. But there are other ways to write faster and while I was putting off doing the actual task of writing, I happen to find these posts: How to Write an Article in 20 Minutes - Incubate a lot of articles and carry a notebook around for ideas. How to Write Great Copy Fast - Turn your topic into a question that you will answer in writing. How to Write Fast - Get in the right state of mind and set up your environment. How to Write Fast - Out of necessity How to Write Articles for Article Marketing in Less Than 12 Minutes - Use a formula to write faster. A whole series of article on the writing process from Joseph Sutton. And then I found Writing FAST: How to Write Anything with Lightning Speed and had to add it to my Amazon wish list. And look for Zemanta to add a few after the post. Please feel free to add your favorites tips and posts in the comments.

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I keep to a daily posting schedule on my blog, and while on the surface that doesn't seem too difficult it can be a bit tedious putting out quality content daily. Writing fast is a skill I have learned over time, and one that really helps me keep to a daily posting schedule. The best benefit is that when I am "feeling it" I can put together a week's worth of articles in one sitting. All of the links you provide will help others do the same thing. Matt

I like the whole stream of consciousness flow of that post. For me, I just sit myself down and type. Type, type, type. And then later I'll just edit the darn thing to make it decent. Or maybe not. :D

Stephan yes, I also use the Journal, it's worth the investment! Thanks for sharing those other posts about writing and how to increase your output speed. I find that if I close all programs, disconnect the internet (unless you need it for research) but when I just want to write- remove distractions and get to writing by using the journal or windows live writer. :) Thanks again for sharing. Stumbled and reviewed!

Stephen, thanks for this artcle. It really open my eye more...

I also noticed that a very good way to write very fast is to use a voice dictation software like Dragon Natural Speaking. It's a fact that we don't have much trouble "talking" but lots of us have trouble "writing". For those who don't like to nor know how to write fast, fancy using a voice dictation software to "talk" your words out. You will be surprised how fast it can be. And yes - there's the learning curve with using such software, but eventually they work pretty well.

Hi Stephan, Thank you so much for offering tips on how to write faster and with greater efficiency. I always find it helpful to let a topic ruminate in the recesses of my mind for a couple of days. Of course, this negates the goal of writing quickly in the here and now, but the time it takes to complete a blog entry or article takes less when I've pondered a subject before tackling it. Best Regards, Andy Lax

Hey Stephen, that was a really cool post about article writing. I imagine any newbie should read your post. thanks for that.

thanks for mentioning these links and how to write faster. lately i have tried increasing my writing speed as well, especially since I really think I should be writing more articles LOL so these tips come in handy! gonna check out those links you put there, although really I should go back to writing again .... *sigh*

@Matt I love those feeling it times. Those are the times the end result gets Dugg or Stumbled and the world feels right. @Miguel Yes, the instant I started using this tool, I knew it was a permanent fixture. Over the last year or so, I gone from being more fluid with the pen and paper to more fluid on the keyword, a transformation that seemed impossible to me. I used to use a physical notebook to store everything in a linear fashion: ideas, rough drafts, to do lists, etc. Now I have a tool that works the same on my computer that runs all the time. @Spin Ready I have tried speaking. For natural speakers, it probably works well. But I am usually the person who listens and sits in the background. I can write coherent information on the fly more quickly than I can speak it. So for me, the option is typing faster. @Andy That works for me also. Forget the idea and let the subconscious take over for a few days. Then come back to it. @Mirjam Long time no see. Nice to see you around.

Stephan I've gone through some of the links you mentioned, impressive link outs bro- really helpful material. Thanks! Also, which note taking are ya referring to, the wikipad or the journal? Thx again, -Mig

Those are some great links. This is one area that I want to improve more in 2009. In fact I'm going to make it one of my New year goals. I think it's a case of making a system for writing. Then 'just do it'. I'm a culprit of doing too much 'research' instead of actually writing.

@Miguel The Journal. I do use Wikipad for planning out other peoples sites and for my niche blogs. It helps for visualization. @Paul LOL That is something I have been thinking of too. If people only knew that a lot of the techniques I list on my blog I actually haven't used in a while. "If I learn just one more thing, imagine how much I will kick ass then." Do it is definitely the operative phrase. @Marbella I plan on working on my typing speed. If there was a way a could just write what I plan on writing and increase my speed rather than typing "The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over The Lazy Dog's Back" 101 times, it would be great. @Dofollow Yes. I wrote this post, then another and proceeded to write none for a week.

Yes It´s true that A mind works much faster than fingers and because of this writing faster is most important thing for my work. I can not say that I´m writing slow but I know that It´s better for me to improve the speed of my fingers without making mistakes while writing. Thanks for good post! Greetings from Spain.

I am the laziest writer so this is very helpful to me... I can't even write a good article for my blog.. LOL Thanks a ot...

i find that i can type significantly faster if i close my eyes (obviously you have to be a touch typer to try this). yes i make 10x as many typing errors, but i'm also able to get my thoughts down almost as fast as they come to me.

I should try that. I've thought about closing my eyes and just making it a given when I write at least the first draft.

I am a slow writer, i never thougth to use journal for take inspiration for mine articles. Seems a good idea, tk a lot.

Here's an idea, a bit out of the ordinary but helps me. Just before I need to sit down and write, I take a short run or swim. If you’re not the active type, then a short walk down a few blocks and back may awaken the mental giant in you. Give this a try the next time around, it works wonders!

And I need to. In fact, both my wife and I have been saying we need to work out. The last two years have been the most sedentary of my life and I used to be a body builder at one time. I also used to work in construction. And I can feel the difference.

Hey Stephan, that was a really cool post about article writing. I imagine any newbie should read your post. thanks for that.

Hi Stephan , I can definitely relate to that. After I retired from the military, I went from running two miles a day, to two miles every two weeks. What a difference! I just wanted to chime in on the inspiration that exercise brings. Many famous writers have developed their own form of inspirational methods such as golfing, fishing, bike riding and even just sitting near a stream with a pen and notebook. I truly believe that anything that gets you away from the humdrum daily life, can serve as food for the mind when writing about any subject.

Thanks for linking to my post on how to write fast. Daily newspaper reporters are masters of writing fast out of necessity. The presses roll at certain times of the day for certain sections and they don't stop because you couldn't think of a lead in time to make your 4:30 deadline. Most freelance writers aren't under that kind of time pressure - so we have to manufacture it for ourselves instead. Also, sticking to deadlines is one of the best ways to ingratiate yourselves to editors of publications you want to write for on a regular basis - because if you're an editor, who do you want to work with more often, the writer who always makes deadline, or the one who's always making excuses why they can't? A couple other tips for writing fast: Forget taping notes and then transcribing them. Learn shorthand and write directly from your notes. Or learn to type fast enough to take notes while you do phone interviews. Don't print out notes from phone interviews. Use Windows' split screen feature or two monitors so you can have a notes file and a story file up at the same time. If it helps, go through your notes file and highlight important data and quotes so they're easier to find. Learn how to outline stories in your head instead of taking the extra time to plot out an outline on paper. This works well for me for stories of up to 2,000 or 2,500 words. Anything longer and I will do an outline. Write through the entire story from start to finish in one fell swoop. Let your momentum carry you through from start to finish. In this initial draft forget plugging in details and facts - you can fill them in later. The key is to get the essence of the piece down while it's fresh in your head. Michelle Rafter

Thanks Michelle, for coming by and adding so much to my post!

I think the article about "nobody wants to read your stuff" says it best about this topic. Right for clarity and content!

I think the notebook is a great idea as well, you will go through times where you get tons of ideas, and times where you get none. You have to capitalize on the times when you can't write down ideas fast enough, the next day you may not feel like writing at all...

Thanks for this article, I can now improve my writing skill.

Very good article. We can add as well that we can use firefox plugins for posting blog faster, I use scribefire and it works well.

Thanks for the informative links. Writing isn't something that comes easy to me...but I think like any other skill in life, it takes time and practice...and a LOT of patience. For me, it's all about my current state of mind. If I'm feeling positive and happy, it seems like ideas just jump into my head. On the other hand, if I'm feeling a little drained or stressed, it can be a really frustrated experience.

I think the article about “nobody wants to read your stuff†says it best about this topic. Right for clarity and content!

this is a laugh for you from me :) Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be happy. :)

Hi Stephan, great post here, I sometimes find I have loads of ideas going round in my head at once, and can easily push out several article from just those thoughts :) - thanks as always for sharing your knowledge and experience. All the best, Trish

type what you see, heard, think, feel, and paint to the world with the image.

Actually I visited to CopyBlogger. I saw this post link and just click and explore little by lit. Thnaks for your writing suggestion. It's very useful.

That advice you mentioned in this blog post has enhanced my writing skills and now i can produce more blog posts. So thanks for sharing relevant information that is useful to all bloggers

Writing fast? How about typing fast. I swear I am trying all day everyday and it would probably be a good thing to take a course on it and I am sure to save so much time.

one thing I learned from blogging is its easy to read but difficult to post one... hats off to all the bloggers....

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