Ebay now owns StumbleUpon

$75 million was a cheap price tag compared to what has lately been paid for social websites. Not sure what this exactly means for either one, but Ebay's stock went thorugh the roof, leaving we wishing I had some.


ebay sucks, I don't know why anyone would use this service anymore. They can keep buying up sites for all I care, I won't use any of them once I find out ebay owns them I no longer visit them!. Happy trails John D. .-= None&#180;s last blog ..<a href="http://ebayblows.org/ebay-videos/ebay-sucks/" rel="nofollow">Ebay Sucks</a> =-.

I use to love eBay and would sign its praises all over the place. But it's really gone down hill in the past couple of years. Stumble Upon will soon be a terrible platform I'm sure.

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