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Your duties as a blogger may get confusing after a bit. Initially, you may have started with a simple plan of posting every day and leaving 10 comments on other blogs each day. My little trip into blogging started that easily. Eventually you will run into a lot of things that may help your blog and you will try them out. I did that also. Wow, a little bit of extra work can go a long way. Then you get to the point that you can no longer categorize any of the activities you are involved in. But you know you can't finish them in the day and you constantly feel behind. And I don't think this is one point in your blogging. It is not a bridge you will pass and never come back to. It may show it's head a few times. It has for me. So let's say that you have picked a niche. And that's a good thing also. Wish I had done that here. But I have at other blogs. And let's say you know your subject matter. And you should. You picked it. All that being said, there are really only a few duties:

Create It

  • Write a post on your blog.
  • Write an article to submit to article sites.
  • Write a report you can give away free.

Promote It

  • A lot of this comes natural via the next two duties and they may be all you need.
  • Submit your blog to feed directories.
  • Make sure you ping after every post.
  • Use SEO

Find It

  • Build profiles on social networks, forums, etc.
  • Find stories and information related to your niche.
  • Promote the stories like they were you're own on social networks, bookmarking sites and social news sites.
  • Make yourself known for finding good information (and writing it).

Respond To It

  • You can't always be the one to find the hot story, but you can get your name in there.
  • Comment on other blogs.
  • Comment and join the conversation at social sites.
  • Link to stories from your own blog posts.

And during all of this, don't lose site of your niche or your goals. It can be easy to get caught up in the blogosphere and social media and forget why you are there. You could start out commenting on a post about increasing your subscribers and by the end of the day, evaluating the comedic value of lolcats. Breaking it down like this also only helps if you realize you must set time aside for each one of these duties. But at least there are less here than you began with.

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Good, simple advice thank you. My problem is setting the time aside for putting the work in. I think i may have to if i am to see any results?

Thanks for the tips. I feel very scattered (still) with my blogging. I definitely need a better plan. :)

It just clears things up a bit to make the list shorter by batching things. My list was getting too long and scattered also.

Yeah, this is probably a perfect example of a blog that should have been reigned in long ago. But I do like the freedom of a more general blog. I am gradually breaking the categories off into different blogs. I have an affiliate marketing blog, a few software blogs and am thinking of starting a new ecommerce blog.

Excellent tips and guidelines!! it seems as though blogging is a full time job, just like everything else.

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Thank you for the tips. I am a beginner blogger, and I wish I had known about the importance of writing a niche when I first began. Now I have a blog with no focus, and it makes it hard to promote. I wonder when people first begin blogging, if they knew the work involved in promoting it, how many would begin blogging? There's no choice though if you want people to read your blogs. If you don't promote it, eventually Google will start dropping your pages from the index.

Hi Stephan, Thanks for the article. Can you give us list of feed directories you use?

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Great post, thanks for the info!

Great post, thanks for the info!

I'm a new blogger and there is always so much to do. I just do it on the side now, one day I'll be a six figure blogger right! I have this LONG running list I keep on my BlackBerry of things I want to do for my blog. I SLOWLY widdle away at it. I have a FT career and a 2yr old at home, so sometimes just completing the writing can get challenging.

Hope this article will help me to improve my SEO

With every site I visit I learn something new everyday. The first few weeks, I was doing a complete re-design (or at least I wanted to) because the suggestions were so good, and honestly I had no idea what I was doing! My goal is a lot like yours was early on, just trying to expand my horizons as much as possible right now.

What do you think about people adding their URL next to each and every post on Facebook? I think it's kind of annoying since they mostly write something like "Oh, I had a horrible day" and a link to their blog, and then the blog tells us about the new shoes they bought... that has made me stop clicking on the links at least... :)

Thanks for these information. It is really helpful to people like me who often look for something new on the web. I hope to stumble upon your posts soon.

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