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I subscribe to a few magazines. Any magazine that is totally devoted to the Internet is hard to find. When I find one, I subscribe. The internet to me is almost a blur of information. I process it quickly, absorb enough and move on.

It is nice to be able to sit in a chair and read an actual book or magazine. I actually find myself reading magazines like Revenue cover to cover, ads and all. I am pretty much blind to online banners for the most part.

I first met Mert when he interviewed me for the second issue of Bloghology. It came out of the blue and I was really honored. It was the first time I had been interviewed.

So when Mert sent me an email a few weeks ago, asking me if I wanted to write for a magazine. I said, "Sure".

A print, PDF, and online magazine just for blogging. I knew I had to get in on that. So, for the last few weeks, it has been hard for me to keep this under wraps. It would be hard for just about any blogger.

But now I can let loose, at least a small bit, of what's going on.

2500 copies of the magazine will be distributed at Blog World Expo.

The Bloghology staff, in no specific order:

The mission of Bloghology is to cover everything blogging and be devoted totally to blogging, providing new and experienced bloggers with worthwhile content every issue. We give advertisers the opportunity to promote their products and services in all three version of the magazine: print, PDF, and online.

Bloghology will be published every three months with a run of 40,000+ copies. A subscription with be 20 euros in Europe and 30 euros (as I write this, roughly $44.59. You never know with the current economy).

And with all the Wordpress issues I finally finished, I am behind in posting some articles to the site, but once I get some up there, make sure to drop by and show show love, vote for them, and submit them to your favorite social sites. I plan on buckling down this weekend and catching up to the others authors.


You can win an iPhone 3G by helping us get the word out on Bloghology. I will be at the Expo. In the process of looking for the best price on flights and hotels. I already have my pass. And if you get the chance, Sphinn this post. It's seems to be the place it is climbing pretty well or use the ShareThis button and the social network of your choice below.

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Grats on joining Bloghology!

I will keep everyone update here or with new posts. I just have been without an internet connection for the weekend. It was good and bad. I got some writing done that I needed to get done for the magazine. But I got out of the loop. But I'm back and my blogs are in some serious need of some posts.

Great news. Sounds as if this will fill a niche in the market. Are you planning special features, such as concentrating on blogs with different themes, such as sports, arts, politics, etc? I'd be interested in learning more about art blogs such as my own.

Stephan, Blogology? I like it! Keep us posted on new magazines. I added you to my RSS and Thanks, Jorge Olson

Hey Stephan, I was wondering when a print publication on blogging was going to come out. This is cool. I have subscribed to ... I want to know when subscriptions become available. Are they available now? Let me know and I will let my communities know what's coming here. Thanks, Charles Heflin Twitter @CharlesHeflin

Charles, I will be updating this post will new details as soon as I get them. That, or I will write a new post. As far as I know now, the premier issue will be given away at the Blog World Expo. I will also make sure to send you the news via Twitter once this is updated. There will be an affiliate program for sales of the magazine, which means you will definitely benefit from getting the word out. I will also get those details to you as soon as we work them out. Right now, I am probably the one furthest behind on my assignments. So I will be hard at work doing that and then my posting schedule here will be back to normal.

I haven´t heard of Bloghology before.Thanks for sharing. -Tom

I look forward to the update... I am watching your feed for updates. Thank you, Charles

Best of luck ... Looks interesting

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